Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oracle moves for judgment as a matter of law against Google's 'fair use' defense to Java copyright infringement

Oracle has just filed a JMOL (judgment as a matter of law) motion against Google's flimsy "fair use" defense in the Android-Java copyright infringement case. Oracle's lawyers argue (and I agree) that, after the close of Google's "fair use" case, no reasonable jury could conclude that the way Android hijacked Java constitutes "fair use".

I can't comment on it until much later today, but I did want to publish this important motion immediately. It's the key motion in case the jury (which did not get to see some of the most important evidence and may have been confused by some of the testimony presented) finds in Google's favor. In that case, Oracle will -- no doubt -- appeal and argue that denial of its JMOL motion constituted an abuse of discretion (which it would also be in my opinion). Here's the motion for now:

16-05-17 Oracle Motion for JMOL on 'Fair Use' by Florian Mueller

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