Monday, December 12, 2011

Microsoft v. Motorola battlemap updated: 51 patents-in-suit, complaints filed in 7 different courts

This week, a German court will hold hearings on three Microsoft patent lawsuits against Motorola, and an Administrative Law Judge of the ITC plans to make his initial determination with respect to 7 of the 26 patents Microsoft is presently asserting against Motorola.

I have updated my battlemap to show just how big this dispute has become (click to enlarge):

The image above shows the current state of affairs. It's the title page of a 26-page PDF that contains a slideshow that walks you through the escalation of this conflict in 17 steps, and furthermore contains 8 pages of reference lists that show the 53 patents the parties are asserting against each other:


Microsoft is also suing Barnes & Noble over five patents. Only one of those five patents overlaps with the 26 patents that are being asserted against Motorola.

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