Thursday, April 8, 2021

Epic Games and Apple file proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law: 688 pages in total

We're only three weeks and a half away from the kickoff of the Epic Games v. Apple App Store antitrust trial in Oakland (Northern District of California). The parties just filed their proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law around midnight Pacific Time. Knowing that many of my readers in many different time zones may be interested in taking a look at these documents, I'm making them available now. It will, of course, take me some time to digest and comment on them, and I can't even predict how many blog posts (whether just one follow-up post or a whole bunch) will be needed as it depends on how interesting the information I discover in those "books" turns out to be.

So, for now, just the document. Let's start with the plaintiff, Fortnite and Unreal Engine maker Epic Games (this post continues below the document):

21-04-08 Epic Games Propose... by Florian Mueller

Here comes Apple's filing, which is only slightly "shorter" than Epic'S (323 pages vs. 365):

21-04-07 Apple Proposed Fin... by Florian Mueller

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