Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bad news abounds for Google's patent lawsuits as Apple, SimpleAir and Vringo are winning

Things haven't been going too well for Google in the patent litigation arena recently. And there's potential for further bad news as an Intellectual Ventures v. Motorola Mobility trial started in Delaware on Tuesday and the Federal Circuit is likely to issue its ruling on the "Posner appeal" (which will most likely result in a remand requiring Motorola to defend itself against the "Steve Jobs patent" and other Apple patents) soon, given that the appellate hearing was held four months ago. And while not a verdict or ruling, it's also bad news for Google that Huawei settled with the Rockstar Consortium.

These are the three patent decisions that became known this week and favored different Google rivals:

At the moment Google appears to be on a losing streak in U.S. patent courts, and as I said further above, more bad news is probably coming in the near term. Google's patent infringement issues are definitely a key reason for its push for patent reform legislation, and I doubt that Congress will solve Google's problems anytime soon. There will either be a quick agreement between both chambers of Congress on a targeted and limited reform bill or things will take much longer.

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