Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lodsys Victim Survey for app developers who received demand letters from the infamous troll

I haven't blogged in a while about Lodsys and the demand letters it sent to (and lawsuits it filed against) app developers, but it was a topic I covered extensively in 2011, and many app developers have been following my writings since. I just wanted to draw the attention of app developers to an online survey started by the Application Developers Alliance on its DevsBuild.It site: the Lodsys Victim Survey.

If you got contacted and/or sued by Lodsys, please do go there and fill out the form. The App Developers Alliance is trying to find out about the scope and scale of Lodsys's trolling activities, and their effort can shed some more light on it. Some major mobile platform companies are among the Alliance's members.

I became a member of the App Developers Alliance yesterday because I find some of their services and activities useful from my perspective as an app developer (my project is in its infancy; it's a game and I'll say more about it closer to its launch). I made clear on Google+ that my membership is apolitical in the sense that I don't endorse anyone's political positions or amicus curiae briefs unless and until I explicitly do so. It's really the DevsBuild.It platform and the Alliance's conferences that persuaded me to join.

As far as Lodsys is concerned, my disdain for its trolling ways is long-standing and well-documented, which is why I gladly support this particular research effort.

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