Sunday, December 15, 2019

Nokia stresses confidentiality of EU antitrust mediation with Daimler and suppliers

I asked Nokia, which has recently issued a couple of public statements on its EU antitrust row with Daimler and four of its suppliers, for comment on Continental's new licensing offer. Nokia declined to comment, and stressed that they "respect confidentiality, including that of the mediation process, which will itself be confidential."

This means we're unlikely to hear anything for some more time. EU competition commissioner Vestager said she was going to wait until mid-February.

So if you don't read about the case here in the months ahead, don't be surprised. Should I later decide not to follow the matter at all, I will announce it on this blog, but at a minimum I'll always remain interested in any legal overlaps with Huawei's antitrust lawsuit against Nokia (a case that has the potential to go up to the Court of Justice of the EU, as Huawei v. ZTE did years ago) and anything that appears relevant in connection with German patent reform (proportionality of injunctive relief; bifurcation).

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