Monday, June 21, 2021

Podcast on key patent injunction developments: new German patent injunction statute, ECJ referral regarding preliminary injunctions, and standard-essential patent injunctions

It's time for another FOSS Patents podcast. I don't do these very often, but from time to time I see great value in letting experts share their views on important developments.

The topics of today's podcast are all related to patentee's access to injunctive relief, also known as the King of Patent Remedies, with a particular focus on developments in Germany:

I'm grateful to the three panelists--a law professor and two practitioners. They've all provided very thoughtful answers to my questions:

It's fair to say that none of the information in the podcast will discourage patent holders from filing infringement actions in Germany. Whether you're more likely to enforce patents or to defend yourself against infringement allegations, I hope you'll find this podcast a useful source of information.

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