Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Component-Level SEP Licensing: final conference program as PDF

If you plan to attend next week's Component-Level SEP Licensing conference in Brussels, you may find it useful to download the final conference program (this post continues below the PDF document):

FOSS Patents 19-11-12 Confe... by Florian Mueller on Scribd

The conference is already overbooked, but for a few more days I'll still accept registrations via EventBrite as there are always some no-shows and the hotel can provide--to use a cloud computing-style term--some (limited) burst capacity if needed.

The PDF will render correctly on most devices. However, when viewed on Scribd (such as in this post), a special character in the name of one speaker may result in a "blot."

Also, I've already received some useful feedback from readers to yesterday's "Call for input: do you know of any cases in the PC industry in which SEP holders refused to license component makers or based their royalties on the end product?"

So far it looks like there are a couple of wireless companies that also try to impose device-level royalties on personal computers, but they just can't do that when WiFi cards are sold separately and later incorporated into PCs, and some tried the same with respect to MP3 (as implemented by the Microsoft Windows operating system). I'll follow up with more detail on that one later this month.

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