Monday, February 20, 2023

Gradually refocusing FOSS Patents on patents WHILE exploring alternatives for antitrust analysis and commentary

A flurry of antitrust news during the first third of this month had the effect that temporarily 80% of FOSS Patents' posts had nothing to do with patents. I received some actions that made me realize I had strayed too far from what used to be this blog's focus for the better part of the 12+ years it's been around. As I promised nine days ago, here's my new editorial (and social media) policy:

  • FOSS Patents blog:

    • Back to the roots: for the next next six months (March-August 2023), there will be no more than 10 non-patent posts in any given calendar month.

    • Starting September 2023, that monthly limit goes down to five.

    • This is a one-way street: no exceptions, no ifs, no buts. If anything, there'll be a further reduction.

  • Antitrust commentary:

    • My passion for competition topics, which has recently earned me a prestigious nomination, is undiminished. I just don't want to disregard that a large of the audience of the FOSS Patents blog is patent-focused.

    • I may launch a dedicated antitrust blog, which in a way would be a logical next step, though I can't promise (much less announce) anything yet.

    • I plan to contribute to Concurrences at least twice this year (vs. once in 2022).

    • From time to time I may publish LinkedIn articles on antitrust topics (LinkedIn articles are structurally much like blog posts).

  • Social media:

    • The patent law community has clearly chosen LinkedIn (and is not really active on Twitter anymore).

I wish to thank you all for your interest in my analysis and commentary. It is of the utmost importance to me to cater to the specific needs of two different--though partly overlapping--audiences. Please stay tuned!